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8 steps to add up to £45,000 to the value of your home !

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Thu 23 May 2019

8 steps to add up to £45,000 to the value of your home !

1. Add up to £5,000 by repairing the front of your house


First impressions always count when we meet someone for the first time and the same applies when someone views a property for the first time. Freshly painted / clean PVC window frames can go a long way when creating that first impression.

If your home has a rendered finish rather than a brick look, repainting the front of the house will give it a fresh new look. 

Having a classic door in red or navy blue, can also give potential buyers a warmer welcome. Looking at some magazines can give you some inspiration on current trends, which you might want to adapt in order to create that all important look. 

It’s important to give buyers confidence when they see a house for the first time. If the front of the house is not appealing, often buyers can be put off and will be overly picky once they go in. 

You want to give potential buyers confidence when they have that first important look at your property. 


2.  Naming your Home adds up to £5,000

Believe it or not, giving your property a name can add up to £5,000 to the value of your house. It sounds so simple, however, giving your house a name such as ‘Crown Cottage’ or ‘Owl Corner’ can increase the value of your home. If you want to do this, you must contact Royal Mail and your council to formalise the change and this is normally free. Try and give your house a unique name that is influenced by the area you live in.


3.  Tidying your garden adds up to £5,000

Colour is a great way to brighten up a viewing. Using colourful flowers and arranging them in a pattern, is a great way to make a garden look more appealing. You can also add some decking in the back garden alongside garden furnishings, which is a great way to create an exterior room.

Make sure your lawn is mowed and that any patches on the grass are reseeded and remember to trim those hedges. If you have stone paving, use a power jet washer and make sure they are clean. 

Whether you have a lawn or stone paving, make sure you remove those garden weeds!


4.  Hanging mirrors adds up to £1,000

Adding mirrors can open up a space and brighten up a room. We recommend using mirrors in the hallway and seating rooms.


5.  Get planning permission adds up to £9,000 plus

Gaining planning permission to extend the loft or add an extension to the property, can often mean a sweetener on the sale of the property. A buyer may prefer a property that has potential for expansion as their family grows. A full planning application requires architect’s drawings, however, a little research can go a long way in securing and outlining planning permission if you were to apply yourself. 


6.  Kitchen refresh adds up to £7,000

The kitchen is often seen as the hub of a household, with many kitchens also becoming a living space for the entire family. You can make a simple makeover by replacing or repairing cupboard doors, painting the walls, adding a splash back near the cooker and replacing the taps. These are some suggestions of what you can do. 


7.  Bathroom makeover adds up to £7,000

If you take a similar approach as the kitchen and focus on the fittings, this can add great value too. You can replace taps, bath / shower screen, mirrors and add a power shower to name a few things that you can change. There is one point to keep in mind and that is labour will cost slightly more due to difficult jobs such as plumbing.


8.  Deep clean and declutter adds up to £6,000

Having a deep clean from the carpets, to surfaces and walls, can mean that your house will look more welcoming and newer. Having a good declutter room by room will also mean that rooms will look much bigger. Keep key furnishings and allow your potential buyer to visualise their furnishings in your home. Remember less is more!


If you are considering to invest in property or are a landlord with 1 property or more, or a serial property investor with over 100 properties, we would love to talk to you and give you some examples of the many success stories we’ve had with our landlords, regardless of their property portfolio size. 

For an informal chat, email me directly at or call 0116 266 9977 for honest, expert and friendly advice.

Thanks for reading !

Ravi Seth

Managing Director

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