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How presentable is your home when you come to sell it?

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Sat 13 Oct 2018

How presentable is your home when you come to sell it?

When coming to sell your property it is essential to make your home presentable for the buyer, as first impressions really count when viewing a house for the first time. Think back when you did your viewing for the property you are currently in?

From the outside to the moment you walk through the front door, you’ve already made up your mind if you like the property and if you can see yourself living there !

Your home doesn’t need to be done up as a show home, however, you need to make it presentable for every viewing you have in order to achieve the best possible price for the sale. 

Remember, your home is a valuable possession, so making the right preparations can help you go a long way. 

We have put a small guide on what we feel are important things to carry out when selling your home !


The External View


From the moment potential buyers arrive at your property, they are going to focus on the appearance from the outside. From the front garden, to the aesthetics of the property and any outdoor lighting you may have.

Have you realised that when you look at a property for the first time, you focus more on the front door than anything else? So making sure that your front door stands out and maybe adding some lighting can go a long way. 

Here are some tips on what we recommend you should do to the outside of your property:

1.  Tidy up the front and back garden, make sure that your lawn is mowed, that your hedges are trimmed and that there are some plants to add a bit of colour and of course, get rid of those weeds.

2.  Repair any cracks, holes or blemishes on the driveways and walls, as these can standout.

3.  Give your window frames and your door a lick of pain if needed, remember, your front door is what most people look at for the first time.

4.  Make sure your house number is clear and visible.

5.  Keep any rubbish out of sight. 

6.  Add some lighting to your house? You can pick up some solar lighting from many shops and these can create a nice effect at night, especially when having viewings in Winter !


The Inside View


From the moment a potential buyer walks in, you want to make sure that they feel special.  Make sure your house is cleaned, however, don’t make it like a show home. Make it presentable in a way that you want the buyer to feel conformable, so that they are able to picture themselves living there.

Here are some tips on what we recommend you should do on the inside of your property:

1.  Declutter your home, make sure that your rooms are tidy and remove any unnecessary objects that you don’t need.  In some cases you may want to even move some furniture into storage.  Remember, less is more !

2.  Make minor repairs on taps, wall cracks and replace any burned out light bulbs, cracked tiles, worktops, I suppose make sure that everything works when you are showing your home to a potential buyer. 

3.  Clean your carpets, windows, doors and any fixtures and fittings.  If you have a chandelier, make sure that this has a sparkle too.

4.  Eradicate any odours from the likes of pets and cigarette smoke. 

5.  If you need to, give your rooms a fresh coat of paint. There is nothing like that new feel !

The above are only some suggestions that we recommend you should do, as these will create a good first impression for any potential buyers.  

Buyers often buy a property on the look of it and if they can picture themselves living there.  

The more you make your home presentable, the higher the price you may fetch !

Thanks for reading, 

Ravi Seth

Managing Director

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Please note that the above blog is our view on the property market and is not to be taken as investment advice.