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Top tips to help landlords plan ahead for 2018

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Fri 08 Dec 2017

Top tips to help landlords plan ahead for 2018

To stay ahead it’s often important to think ahead so, as another year draws to a close, those helpful souls at Belvoir have compiled a list of tips to help you plan out your strategy for 2018.

1. Visiting times

Inspections play an important part in any landlord’s calendar.

Vaughan Schofield, owner of Belvoir Wrexham, says: “Regular routine inspections are a must in order to protect your property and ensure the tenant is living within the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

Pre-scheduling these at the beginning of the year can be useful. If they are not diarized in advance they have the potential to be overlooked or for the tenant to find them ill-timed and intrusive.

Advance planning will enable you to secure mutually convenient dates throughout the year, ensuring that both you and your tenant are present during these vital visits.

At Belvoir Wrexham we usually advise that inspections are carried out on a quarterly basis and prior written notice is given.”

2.  Maintenance management

“It’s surprising how many landlords only have a reactive positioning to maintenance as far as their rental property is concerned,” says Vaughan.

“A car, for example, costs a fraction of what a property does and will usually depreciate in value, yet we carry out annual MOTs and services in order to maintain and protect it. A property is one of the biggest investments you’ll make and it’s important that its welfare is approached in a similar manner.

There needs to be a common sense assessment of what routine maintenance needs to be done at certain times of the year,” he continues.

Think seasonally about what will need addressing and when. Recently, for instance, we’ve had a cold snap which happens every year at approximately the same time so it’s possible to plan ahead for this. Likewise, summer brings its own common maintenance concerns which can be planned for in advance.

Forward planning is also advantageous in that you will be able to secure the contractors of your choice plus, if your tenant is planning an extended holiday, it may be possible to coordinate your routine maintenance to coincide with this which will allow for unlimited access and minimise disruption for the tenant.”