Can renovation work restart now?

  • Aug 6th 2020

With the government having re-opened the property market across England, what does this mean for renovation projects that you have started or are about to start?

Renovation work can restart providing the tradespeople that you are using comply with the advice and strict social distancing guidelines set by the government. However, if you or anyone in your household is in self-isolation or are showing symptoms of coronavirus, you should not go ahead with any renovation work. 

You need to get in contact with your tradespeople and check if they or anyone in their household is showing signs of coronavirus or are self-isolating. If this is the case, your renovation work should be postponed until it is safe to do so.  

To give confidence to all parties involved in the renovation project, you should ask some questions such as:

  • Has anyone in your household had COVID-19?
  • Has anyone in your household displayed COVID-19 symptoms or not yet completed a required period of household self-isolation?
  • Are you in the high-risk category?

What should tradespeople do before starting any renovation work?

If you are a tradesperson, you should follow the government’s safer working guidelines, which can be found here.

To ensure the safety of all parties involved, you should:

  • Wash your hands on entering a home and use paper towels and dispose of them safely after use.
  • Seek to minimise contact with the homeowner and remain two metres apart from anyone else at all times.
  • Implement a buddy system and ensure that the same people work together where this is needed.
  • Bring your own refreshments.

As a homeowner, you should ensure that you follow the social distancing guidelines, wash your hands regularly and give stay in a different room from where the work is being carried out. Offer your tradesperson washing facilities so they can wash their hands and stay clean at all times. 

Make sure you leave all internal doors open to minimise any unnecessary contact with door handles. You should ask any tradesperson working in your home to remove all waste and belongings from their work area at the end of a shift and at the end of a job. You should also ask tradespeople to clean down the surfaces in the room or rooms they have been working in at the end of each shift.

According to the latest government guidelines, wearing a face-covering is optional and is not required by law, including in the workplace. However, if this is something you feel strongly about, you should speak with your tradespeople before they start or resume any work. 
These are some suggestions on what steps to carry out if you are about to start or resume any renovation work. 

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The information in this blog is correct at the time of publishing. The blog is NOT to be taken as advice. Please follow government guidelines, which are updated regularly to ensure that you comply with all rules and regulations set in place.