Quick and easy ways to make your new place feel like home

  • Aug 6th 2020

We've written a blog containing quick and easy ways to make your new house or flat feel like a home in no time.

Get the paint out

When you move to your new house or flat, one of the quickest ways to breathe new life into every room, is by painting every wall. This will create an immediate impact, and by having a feature wall in each room, it will give it a sense of space and direction.

For example, in the living room, a Feature wall may have a Fire Place, or if you don't have a Fire Place, it may be the wall where the back of the TV is facing. 

You can also choose decorative items that have hints of your Feature wall colour to compliment the room. This will allow you to create a unique pattern in each room.

Rugs to the rescue

Whether you have carpet or a lovely wooden floor, a rug can bring all your items in that room together, unifying the space. From vintage rugs to cheap and cheerful rugs from IKEA, the area in the room will feel much more cosier.

Don't be overlooked

If your house or flat has bare windows when you move in, and you're not sure if you want curtains or blinds, frosted window film is an excellent temporary solution to allow daylight to come in, while keeping your privacy at bay.

Once you have decided if you prefer curtains or blinds, try and make these the same colour as your Feature wall, as it will bring the room together. 

A soft touch

When we go and visit a show home, one of the first things we like is how the rooms feel cosy and welcoming. A great way to achieve this effect is by adding soft furnishings such as throw pillows, cushions and cosy blankets. 

Layer up with faux fur throws, colourful knits, mohair blankets, patterned cushions - anything that brings you joy. There are many items you can pick up from places like IKEA and Home Bargains, and even supermarkets are now stocking some soft furnishings. 

Cover up

In many homes, the heart of the home has become the kitchen. From cooking to children doing their homework and adults working away, a kitchen brings the house together. If you have a wooden table and the sunlight has started to create some discolouration, try adding some varnish to bring it back to life. The same can be applied to chairs.

If you don't have a wooden table or chairs, try using a beautiful table cloth to cover up the table. Changing the cloth every week will create a new sense of space every time. Chairs can be covered up too, and you can also add some seat cushions to make it more comfortable.

Be light-hearted

Lights are a great way to create different moods for each room. Floor and table lamps are a great way to create a cosy room. Floor lighting can add a soft glimmer and create a nice effect when watching a movie in the dark. Lighting pictures can be a great way to add focus on a picture or painting. 

Update an old staircase

Most homes will have a typical staircase, however, you can break away from this pattern. Adding a glass staircase with lighting on each step can create a modern and vibrant look to your staircase. 

You can also add some shelving under the stairs to help store shoes, umbrellas and winter coats out of the way. 

Picture this 

Although a Feature wall goes a long way to add a new dimension to a room, an empty wall can also look bare. Adding family pictures and familiar paintings is a nice touch to fill this empty space. A collage of photographs and paintings can create an exciting and personal Feature wall.

Don't forget the bathroom

Nothing says "new house" like a bare bathroom - but a few accessories in colours or tones that you love will jazz it up in an instant. Hang a new shower and use accessories to distract attention: really nice fluffy or patterned towels, bathmat, you'll be amazed what a difference they make. Add some indoor plants that thrive in steamy bathrooms. 

Plants and candles

Every room looks better with a plant in it. A fern or rubber plant in an empty corner, a tumbling sedum hanging from a basket, a collection of succulents on a shelf: you get the picture.

The same goes for candles; dot them about the place, and choose uniquely scented ones to create a welcoming glow and a comforting, familiar scent instantly. 

Cupboard love

If you've inherited unattractive cupboards in your kitchen or bathroom, it's easy to update them without having a whole refit. 

Painting the outside of your cupboard is another option, or simply rip them out. Open cabinets can make a kitchen feel more spacious, and you can paint the insides a nice bright (or white) colour to enhance the feeling of space.

Tile's up

Retiling your kitchen or bathroom is a big job, but a quick way to spruce up your space in the short term is to refresh your grouting with a grout pen, one of the best things ever invented.


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