Crackdown on rogue landlords!

  • Dec 13th 2021

Leicester City Council is cracking down on rogue landlords and wants tenants to help them improve conditions. The council is looking to introduce new measures to ensure tenants are appropriately treated by their landlords. 

The team leading this project is looking at two possible measures to ensure landlords are regulated and adhere to new rules to protect tenants and their wellbeing. 

The council is looking at having selective licensing in some regions of the city for rented properties. Westcotes, Fosse, Saffron, Stoneygate, Braunstone Park, and Rowley Fields are currently being considered due to the high-student accommodation and the high number of rented properties in these areas. 

Many of the above areas have houses with multiple occupancy or HMOs, with three tenants or more sharing a home. The council is now looking to introduce a specific HMO license for these areas, in addition to the current Article 4, which is set in place.

These licenses would have specific conditions that landlords would have to adhere to, including a more enhanced gas & electrical safety check and the installation of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Landlords would also have to log any repairs or maintenance to the property.

Management of HMO properties is often poor by private landlords due to the constant maintenance required by damages caused by tenants. 

There are other issues that the council is looking to be addressed, such as waste disposal. Some properties have a large number of black backs outside the property, causing odours. If the waste disposal companies do not collect these excess bags for some time, there can be infestation problems.

Antisocial behaviour from some tenants can lead to neighbours being disturbed in many ways, with some not feeling safe. 

The council wants landlords to choose their tenants more carefully, to prevent antisocial behaviour and the issues caused to neighbours. The council also believes that having better tenants will help landlords with the waste management issues that some landlords are facing.

However, the team leading this project is looking for better management of these properties to ensure that tenants are looked after fairly, with safety being a key priority. Rogue landlords who don’t follow these rules and regulations would lose their licenses. 

The council is looking to update towards the end of February or early March on the next steps and how these would be implemented, alongside time frames. 

Leicester assistant city mayor for housing, Elly Cutkelvin, said: “Access to decent, affordable housing is essential to support good health and wellbeing and a good quality of life.

“Ongoing pressures within the housing market mean that for many, including a rising proportion of families, the only chance of a decent home is a private rented tenancy.

“We are committed to improving the quality of private-sector rented housing in the city, by ensuring both landlords and tenants are supported and engaged with us.

“Our responsibility is to protect the most vulnerable people by ensuring their housing and their landlords meet a higher standard in terms of safety, maintenance and the effect on the wider community.

“Additional licensing would include smaller HMOs of three or more people, rather than five or more, and ensuring they are properly licensed.

“Selective licensing would give us the powers to ensure all properties in those targeted areas are licensed.

“While licensing helps us improve safety standards in the first instance, with a robust enforcement action plan it can also benefit the wider community.”

The council is also looking to expand the current Article 4, which is in place, by requiring landlords to have planning permission to convert homes into HMOs in some regions of the city. 

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