4 things you need to know if you are looking to rent a property in 2022!

  • Jan 11th 2022

1 - New anti-Covid-19 measures in place

Inline to help reduce the spread of the virus and the several variants in existence, the government has released new guidelines for people renting a home.

It recommends that you check if your landlord, letting agent or workmen, have been vaccinated and are Covid-19 free and have not been in contact with anyone who has the virus prior to them attending the property. You can request a Vaccination pass, which can be obtained from the NHS app, to ensure the person visiting has had their vaccination and when any Covid cases have been registered. 

It further advises allowing fresh air to be circulated in the property to help reduce the spread of any virus/bacteria. When you know someone is visiting your home, it’s best to open all windows, internal doors. Although the temperature outside may be cold, having all windows open will ensure fresh air circulates in the property.

Opening all internal doors is essential, as it ensures that anyone visiting your home will not have to touch any door handles to open any doors when moving around your home.

After a visit, you should use a disinfectant spray and spray it around your home to help reduce any bacteria from spreading.

2 - New Energy efficiency rules due to come into play

The government is looking at releasing new energy efficiency rules later this year. The proposed rules will ensure that all rental properties have an energy performance rating of C or above. There are several ways in which your landlord can do this, including installing double glazed windows & doors, upgrading to a more efficient boiler and adding more insulation. 

As a tenant, you may find that your energy bills may become lower, once the home you live in gains an energy efficiency rating of C or higher. However, this rule is expected to come into place during 2026 for new tenancy agreements and 2028 for existing tenancy agreements, giving ample time for landlords to ensure their properties have a good energy rating standing.

3 - It’s now easier to have a pet in rented accommodation

The government has changed tenancy agreements so landlords can’t have a blanket ban on pets. However, landlords can still refuse to have well-behaved pets in their accommodation for a valid reason, such as the property being too small or having access to a shared garden.

Although the rule has been relaxed, you should still ask the landlord if they have any objections. 

4. Carbon monoxide safety rules are becoming stricter

For the safety of anyone renting a property, the government has introduced new carbon monoxide safety rules for rented accommodation that has a gas boiler or gas fireplaces.

Carbon monoxide detectors must be installed, with them being replaced or fixed once they become faulty. The reason for the introduction of carbon monoxide detectors, it to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. 

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